12 Activities for Toddlers and Dads

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Top 4 Benefits of Singing Nursery Rhymes

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There is a list of pretty simple activities that you can do with your toddlers. There is also a featured section for activities dad’s can do with their toddlers.
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Add a little make-up. Kitten Gold, brown, tan, white. Make ears from construction paper, attach to head band or bobby pin in to hair. Sew a simple round tale, and pin on. Either sew, or staple to keep stuffing from falling out. Lady Bug Use a pair of black sweats and black sweat shirt and a pair of black shoes. Use a large piece of poster board or cardboard and cut out a large oval. Paint it red with black dots. Staple black elastic pieces in a loop onto the board to make arm holes.

For the antenna atatch craft pipe cleaners with black pom poms on the ends to a headband. Snowman Last year my 3 year old was a snowman. It was the easiest costume so far! I bought white sweats, christmas socks, white keds tennis shoes, a cheap black hat, fake snow, mittens, scarf and black pom poms for the coal!

I sprayed the hat to look like snow and added a cheap red bird from the craft store. I bought a white mask and bought a cheap carrot from the craft store and glued it onto the nose part of the mask.

I glued the pompoms on his sweatshirt and that was it. Cheap, simple and he was adorable. Besides he was the only frosty we saw! He also had to have white face makeup on!! Cereal Killer Attach little cereal boxes to a shirt, cut a slit in the boxes, glue in plastic knives into the holes, drip red paint running down from the knife hole in the box.

Ppaint face and hands same color. Grapes appear to be popular! Here is one from Jo: My fav was purple tights, purple long sleeves body suit I can't think of what it's really called , 12 purple balloons and a green felt hat. Balloons are pinned by the tied off end to the fabric in a triangle shape, 3 on top, 2 in middle and 1 at bottom on front and back. I was a bunch of grapes and the hit of the party! Blow up all the balloons.

Cut two leg holes in the bottom of the bag and two arm holes near the middle. Have your child stand in the bag and fill with blown up balloons. Safety pins signs to front and back of bag.

Cut off excess bag around face From: Black Eye Pea When I was younger, a teacher from my elementary school dressed up as a "black eyed pea" and it was so cute, my mother dressed me up the same way the next year.

It is simple and cheap. Wearing all white, with black tennis shoes, I cut out the letter 'P' from black construction paper and pinned the P's all over the white outfit. I painted a black spot over one eye "black eye" Black Bat Using a black umbrella and tights, Rip the umbrella in half.

Discard the center and innards of the umbrella. Butterfly Put on black sweats and black shoes. Use a piece of poster board and paint wanted color cut them out in an appropriate wing shape. Get a green body suit and some green tights and on your head wear a beanie hat.

Glue fake flowers to the beanie hat and maybe pin a few on your body suit. Also it's fun if you paint some flowers on your face and arms. I found some cheap, fake Ivy and wrapped it around my neck and arms and presto! Your a blooming idiot! Attached the ski mask to the neck of the sweatshirt. So that the "leg" could bend, I cut the length of pipe insulation in half. For safety, I bought some reflective tape and created a "design" on the back and front so that he could be seen.

Obviously, wear black sweat pants and dark shoes. Two years later, we took the legs off, added a huge set of black felt wings hot glued from wrist to neckline to wrist and used craft foam to make big black bat ears!!

Light and dark pink felt , an old hooded pink sweatcoat, pink gloves, pink slacks, pink slippers. Cut out light pink felt into what looks like prairiedog ears. Place the dark pink felt inside in in the same shape except smaller. Glue onto the sides of the hood on the sweatcoat.

With the remaining felt,cut out a piece of "headfur". From the light pink felt. Put on and paint your face pink with a black nose. Ragdoll One year for my girls I had them dress up as ragdolls and I didnt have to spend a penny! I took an old sleeper and cut out the feet then I sewed patches in various places over the sleeper. I also sewed wide cuffs at wrist and ankles. It looked so cute.

For the head I used an old stocking cap and sewed strips of fabric from old clothes to the stocking cap. Then gave them red cheeks and freckles. It was a great costume and completely free. Wear sweat pants and sweatshirt if it is cold. Tights and a turtleneck if you will be in a warm building. Take an inexpensive thin plastic laundry basket and cut a hole in the bottom that you can fit through.

Make it small enough so that is "sits" on your hips after you pull it over your head. Fill basket with laundry and pin a few dryer softener sheets to your sweatshirt. Bubble Bath Take a white laundry basket and cut out the bottom, be sure to tape the cut edges with masking tape. Attach two wide strips of material white to front and back of basket these are the shoulder straps.

Put on your houseshoes, shower cap, and grab your scrub brush. My computer scanner, felt ,my computer's publisher and a little creativity made him the hit of the party! Paint it silver, glue on a few extras a presto.. Paint it red, tack on some paper plate wheels, and you are a race car. Paint it white and a handle and you will be a cool refrigerator. Paint it light tan, tack a small flat box. Draw on a keyboard, you will be the first walking Macintosh.

Wrap it in Christmas paper, add a large bow.. Paint it bright colors, and a crank. You can pop into the local Halloween party as a Jack-in-the-box. Cover with table cloth, glue on silver plastic platter in the middle cut hole for head to pop through.

Glue on a couple of place settings of Plastic dishes, and glasses. Now your head in on a silver platter. With colored construction paper add stripes and train number to sides, also add black train wheels. On front make a 3D face with construction paper to match your train of choice. Attach a belt from a robe to each side and harness over shoulders. Dress child up with a conductors hat.

Dice Grab a friend and take 2 cardboard boxes, paint them white. Cut out several black circles From construction paper and glue them in the appropriate places to make you and your friend a pair of dice!

It's so easy, From: To make the key ring cut several large keys out of poster board, attach one to the back and another to the front. Spray paint the whole thing whatever color lego you want to be. We chose our colors based on what color sweats and turtle necks we had on hand Take a smaller box that will fit on top of their head snugly and hot glue one cottage cheese container and spray paint it the same color. Just slip into the open part of the back of the box and stick your arms through the holes.

Elliott and Danielle and Kevin and Angela and Kristie this one is real popular this year! Walmart or Kmart sells cardboard dressers in the laundry department. Cut out holes for arms on the sides and hole on top for head. I put foam in the inside for the shoulders to hold it up. I painted the dresser and wrote on each drawer underwear, socks, ect. Hot glue a doily to top with hairbrush and hair accessories. Hang underwear, socks, shirt, and pants out of drawers. Put a small lamp shade on child's head so neck and face are base of lamp.

Attaching long flat boxes on the front and hot glue small balls on the front for pulls. With a little thought you may come up lots of ideas that make the chair a natural part of the costume.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Use plastic gems from craft store , old jewelry, Christmas garland to give it that "special look". Simply wear a cape of a royal color velvet looks great. Scepters and crowns can be purchased at most retail stores, or make your own! If an attendant will be going, they may dress as the mate King or Queen or as a court jester. A variation of this would be to dress like Santa and have the attendant be an elf.

Skiers have a bad habit of falling and breaking a bone or two. This opens the door for a great costume.

Just put on some ski clothing hat, scarf, Wrap a leg in wide white gauze to look like cast and if you really want to "ham it up" and you use a power chair, wrap an arm too. Ventriloquist If you know anyone who has a ventriloquist doll, this can be a quick and easy one. You may wish to go with the formal look wearing a tux, or the casual look by dressing to match the doll. Remove top flaps, cut hole in top for head, and in sides for arms.

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Fun interactive printable Halloween coloring pages for kids to color online. Halloween color page readers - great for beginner readers and ESL readers. Pics make great mouse practice for toddlers, preschool kids, and elementary students. Our coloring page readers are part of the learn-to-read, read-to-me series of reading games. Kids Learn to Write Letters Numbers and Words Teaches young children to write letters and words This app is a learning system for young children that help to teach them to . Costume ideas for kids, a newborn, infant, toddler or even for an adult can be hard to come by. At CostumeFusion, we understand that dressing up for Halloween, Christmas, Costume ideas for kids, newborns, infants, toddlers or even adults costumes can be challenging to find sometimes.