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Granted , Not everyone would prefer the old versions of the software. THAT is my point.

Jul 03,  · I've seen several websites advertising Photoshop CS2 for free, is this true? Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Free Legally While You Still Can.
★★★★ Preppers Wilderness Survival Youtube - Homestead Survival On Facebook. Top 10 Survival Skills You Need to Know:: PREPPERS WILDERNESS SURVIVAL YOUTUBE:: (Step By Step) Watch Video Now! (Recommended).
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Bullying is awful – period, stop, end of sentence. Anything further is blaming the victim. Yes it would be great if society didn't devolve back to medieval brutality but that is a long-term issue that will NEVER be a valid excuse for barbaric behaviour now.

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I even have my Windows serial number saved that way. It's a one stop location that will more or less always be available, but having seen this thread and thought about it some more, a cloud based location might be a good idea for a second level of redundancy. One solution is to make Adobe pay for Adobe: Jeff, it would be very cool if you were related to Jill Greenberg.

Make my day and say that you are, even if it isn't true. You get the same result either way. It's impossible to register because there is no way to do it. It can't be done. But to try to trick other people into stealing it, by lying about it being free, is really low. The current pricing model is better in my opinion. However, I would suggest to Adobe to think of ways to to business especially with countries that have money with low exchange power.

Adobe is big and by that I mean it must have a lot of people in its staff. I don't really see lowering the prices of its products as a better way for both the company and users of its products.

Personally, I prefer the new upgrades since they are way better compared to the old ones. But for guys with money that goes thousands for a dollar, they could be given old Adobe products just to help them get things going.

Adobe is a giant in the design and creative tools category. I don't see anyone else towering higher than Adobe in the next couple of years. The words design and photo editing go with Photoshop on almost every lip. Granted , Not everyone would prefer the old versions of the software.

But there a many who will appreciate it. Well, i doubt these outsourced sites. Always go for official Abobe portal with proper licensing.

But i guess CS2 support isn't there anymore.? That would be a fairly good guess given that this software was released in The whole question is rapidly becoming moot anyway. Good luck getting CS2 to work at all on modern systems. Ok, what if I still would like an older version of Adobe CS2 having an older system version on my PC , am not a professional but would like to work with Photoshop, albeit not the newest, most uptodate, hi-tech version???

Do I have a chance to get to it??? I assume, it would still be cheaper than the new version, but is it possible to get it anywhere not desiring to become a pirate? Hard to believe it would have disappeared from the face of the Earth. It looks like the support is gone. I actually purchased CS2 back when it was current, and when I tried to install it to a new computer, I contacted Adobe support, and they directed me to an Adobe website, and it had CS2 with product keys on the page.

I recently looked for the page, to move the CS2 install, and it seems that they have taken the page down. Adobe stopped supporting CS2, and thus, offered it free to those that asked for it, but it was hard to find and navigate to. Basically, Adobe pointed people there, for only those that asked. My favorite, free alternative is Gimp, but it takes some serious rethinking on how to use the program.

It isn't quite as intuitive as photoshop. Not just because of the false advertising that Adobe released CS2 with a free license. It's not just CS2. There are free full version installers for CS6, CC and CC as well but all will fail at one point or another, the CCs will still require a cloud subscription and might even contain viruses or other malware.

This is also the case with Microsoft Office or it's individual software. This has become more common over the decade and is intentional to discourage stealing. That's right, if a product is only legally available by free trial or purchase, obtaining it via freeware is stealing and the distributors can end up doing jail time. For users, as far as I know, it's more a matter of conscious. There are full alternatives that are legally free albeit less intuitive and precise such as Gimp and Krita.

The CC subscription I've been using for the past few years has recently expired and it's so flippin' expensive that my stepdad won't renew it.

I've now downloaded both Gimp and Krita and have started to feel Gimp out but am frustrated with the lack of layer focus. You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. I feel that bullying is a problem that need more of an umbrella approach. To truly combat bullying it has to involve adult educatio and involvement to. I am appalled at the billboards in Georgia that are designed to shame parents of chubby kids into putting those kids on diets.

Just what the world needs — parents with an unhealthy relationship with food perpetuating that disease. The damage these billboards WILL create is unforgivable and nothing short of bullying. The schools claim a zero tolerance to bullying. When they try to hide it from a parent I feel they are just as responsible as the bully. When my daughter entered Jr High at sixth grade she had dealt with bullying from kindergarten due to being very thin. Can you imagine 6 years old calling a classmate anorexic?

Where could that of come from? My daughter broke down in sixth grade to the point we had to home school her. One day I get a call telling me that in one of her prior classes a note inviting classmates to my daughters funeral was passed through out the class! Had I not been told of this the school would never had informed us of it. I called the teacher and he validated it and that he had a class of girls sobbing thing my daughter was dead!

I could write a book on what bullying has caused my children to the point of causing severe anxiety panic disorder that my husband and I had to take care of and try to keep our children safe from bullying. In both situations nothing was done.

To erylrac, who mentioned that "silence is implicit agreement" with bullying: I must say that the world is peopled with very honorable but very shy heroes who may not bravely throw themselves into every fray they encounter. They raise their children to respect law and order and to help those who are in danger or in need, and to defend others from bullying. Children frequently witness their parents' decent treatment of their fellow human beings.

Do children think that their parents are cowardly or "in agreement" with the bullies of this world just because they don't get involved in EVERY altercation out there? Until bullies their parents, schools and individual teachers or monitors are held accountable nothing will get done.

I was bullied all through school; had a bad overbite till 13 which led to being called Bugs Bunny, Bucky Beaver, etc. Got braces, got 'em off, and still was a target for a gang of mean girls. I discovered too late that all bullies are cowards and if you stand up to them, it's more than likely that they will leave you alone.

I was so happy to find out that there IS life after high school! That was years ago, but you're right, Tabatha, you carry it with you. I am a more empathetic person, I believe, for having been a target. I could no more bully anyone than I could turn myself blue.

I think the current UK consultation on equal marriage is relevant here. When we show that gay people are equal under the law, and are defended from discrimination, that stands up to adult bullying of adults, and that has to trickle through to bullying of children.

And if schools show that gay people are human too, as worthy of respect, that allows all the children to tolerate their own differences, and become more free. Firstly, I had just seen your show and I think you are amazing!

I had to check out your website and I left you a comment on your facebook, you rock! As I was reading around on your website I stumbled on this article about bullying, I'm glad to see that there are people who have a deep understanding of the effects of bullying.

Be it physical or emotional or spiritual, it has a deep deep impact on children. How does a 4 year old kid interpret and deal with bullying? How does a kid develope a stiff upperlip for such things? I've been bullied in my youth all throughout basic and secondary school and in my neighbourhood too. I've always been a somewhat 'sweet' kid and have never learned to stand up for myself. I am now 31 years old and I find myself completly stuck in life.

I've always been a bright kid but could not finish my education and I have never been able to keep a job. I have become very insecure and have developed a social phobia. I have no social life and I have no friends, I'm losing hope on top of it. I'm afraid of my future and fearful that I will always be stuck with myself and alone, this scares me.

I have tried really hard, I kept going to school, I kept looking for jobs. But I've had so many setbacks and lost faith in so many things that I have quit trying. I am glad that there are people like you who have a deep understanding for the effects of bullying. I am really curious to know how you have overcome the effects of bullying.

You are such a strong woman and succesful and personally I think you're beautiful. But that's beside the point. Anyway, I could really use some advice, my life is not going anywhere, but I can't seem to help myself either.

Please ignore my posts here, what am I looking for anyway? I'm sorry if my posts are inappropriate, I mean no offense and do not wish bother you or anyone else on your blog. You may disregard everything I've said here, I have a lot of figuring out to do for myself. You are an amazing person though, and you do great things for the world. You save a lot of business from destruction and you offer a lot of people a great understanding of very important behaviour patterns and principles.

The world could use more people like you. I do not wish to abuse your blog for my problems, I need a great deal of help and guidance and I really don't know where or how to look for it.

Pease excuse my innapropriate posts. I sincerely respect the things you do and I wish you lots more succeses in the future. Oh and just one more thing that I think is rather important. In your video you say that you are tough and allthough this is true in the way you handle things, when I look at the things you do and why at a fundamental level, it is quite obvious that you really are one of the most sweetest, caring and feeling people on this planet with the most pure and best intentions.

You really are a very beautiful person and it is comforting to know that good people do excist. Which is why I resorted to writing on your blog. I've had a lot of bad social experiences in my life and my trust in people has seriously been damaged.

I immediatly felt that you are sincere and understand, so I had this urge to.. I don't know what I was looking for in doing so, I realise you are quite busy and obviously can't possibly attend to every single individual trying to reach out. You already do such great things on a large scale, and you deserve an extreme amount of appreciation and respect for all of it, you most certainly have mine. Anyways, my apologees for these posts. Im feeling better now and looking back at the posts I placed here, I feel like a fool haha.

I guess I had a weak moment and it sure showed in the way I expressed myself here. It was inappropriate and the last thing I desire is to abuse someones blog. Although I obviously do need some help, this isnt the place to look for it.

I will try to excercise more care in placing posts on blogs and handle those blogs with respect to the owner who created it. Build skills from the ground up with sequential learning. Set up a team. Enterprise Meet the needs of all learners with live online training courses, books, videos, and more. Get the information your employees need, from marketing and business leadership to technology.

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